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The Bloggers' Predictions - How did we do?

What a competition? Just brilliant. Top quality cricket from top quality players. And of course a fabulous finale.

But what of the Bloggers' Predictions? Just for a bit of fun we thought we ought to have a quick look at the facts now the tournament is over. If a blogger had a near miss we have added a 🙂. For a bullseye we've added a 😊.

Thanks to everyone who read the WWC17 Blog. We've enjoyed being at all the games and trying to help people enjoy the tournament.


Who do you think will be the top run scorer?
🙂 Martin Davies : There are a few candidates, but the most consistent ODI performer over the last couple of years is Ellyse Perry, so she gets my vote.
Don Miles : For me it has to be Meg Lanning. If you are the world's best it should be you if you keep your nerve.
🙂 Snehal Pradhan : I'm going forEllyse Perry too.
Raf Nicholson : I'm going to say Suzie Bates. She managed it last time and, if anything, she is a better player now t…