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The Don's World Cup Memories in photos

I have been fortunate enough to have been an avid spectator at no less then three World Cups. At the first in 1993 I watched only two games - England v Australia, and the Final - England v New Zealand at Lord’s. They were the first two games of women’s cricket of any type that I had seen but I soon became hooked.
In later years followed England in every game during in and around Pretoria, South Africa, in 2005, and in 2009 in and around Sydney, Australia. Here are a few of the images I snapped at those events. Some I like because of the content of the picture - perhaps it shows a player at her best - or maybe a player displays a more personal moment with a team mate. Others remind me of events at that tournament even if that event is not shown in the shot. It’s surprising what sticks in your mind all these years later. 
So, reminiscing, here we go with 2005... Jane Smit makes a fine stop. A player I have admired both for her skill and her longevity. I first saw her play in the 1993 World…