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India in the World Cup: The ultimate game of catch up

As published on 'Firstpost'

Imagine the eight best sprinters in the world lining up for the 100 m final of the Olympics. At stake is the biggest prize in the sport, boiling down to this singular competition; to earn the title of Champion of the world for the next four years.

Now imagine that some contestants get a one second head start. Picture the looks on the faces of those who are left behind. That is exactly what the Indian women’s team should be feeling like leading into the ICC Women’s World Cup in England in June 2017.
India’s biggest competitors are going into the tournament with a massive head start. For a number of years they have had professional contracts of various shapes and sizes, while India have been the last to jump onto the contract bandwagon.

Hosts England were one of the first teams to introduce a semblance of professionalism to their women’s team, when in 2008 they introduced Chance To Shine contracts for some of their players. These contracts gave the…

Welcome to The WWC17 Blog

We have now introduced all the bloggers on The WWC17 Blog - Snehal Pradhan, Syd Egan, Raf Nicholson and Martin Davies. The blog is a collaborative effort by these four, plus it features the photos of one of the best photographers of women's cricket. So today it is photographer Don Miles' chance to showcase his skills, with his photo memories of World Cups.

Our aim is simply to provide complete coverage of the entire WWC17. That means that we will have a blogger at each and every game of WWC17. Given the rather crowded match schedule, which includes 22 games that clash with other games, and two days on which all eight teams will be in action, we think this coverage will be unmatched.

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