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Who will win WWC17?

Over the last few days all the contributors* to this WWC17 Blog have had their thinking caps on. We asked each of them to rate each team's chances of success here at WWC17 with a mark out of 10, with 10 meaning they were sure they would win, and 1 meaning they had no hope.

All the marks were then combined to give a WWC17 Blog Chances of Success rating. This is how the final table looks...

Over the next eight days we will have an in-depth look at each of the teams taking part in this tournament, starting with lowest ranked, Sri Lanka, tomorrow, and gradually working up the table.

Here are the links to the individual analysis of each team's chances
Sri Lanka
West Indies
South Africa
New Zealand

* Martin Davies, Syd Egan, Raf Nicholson, Snehal Pradhan, Don Miles