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The Need for Speed

The World June. Surely the first name on your team list has to be a decent pace bowler? Make the most of those English conditions! And by pace I mean someone who can get the ball through in excess of 70mph (112kph), not a medium-paced dobber. Someone who can get the batsmen hopping around a bit, and fishing around outside their offstump, or avoiding having their toes crushed by an inswinging yorker.

Perhaps for obvious reasons there are not too many in women's cricket, but this World Cup could be all about the few that we have got at the moment.

Undoubted leader of the pack is England's Katherine Brunt. She seems to have been running in and bowling quickly and angrily at people for as long as I can remember. In fact she debuted for England back in 2004, and has the small matter of 161 games for England under her belt over the last 13 years.

She is the archetypal pace bowler. Should you dare to cream her for four through the covers you can almost guarantee…