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Women's World Cups, 1973 - 2013

There have been 10 previous World Cups:

1. ENGLAND 1973
Format: A round robin, with each team playing every other team once. The “final” was simply the last match of the round robin (although as it turned out, the overall result did hinge on the outcome of the last game, between England and Australia).
Teams: England, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Young England and an International XI (made up of players from all competing nations).
“Finalists”: England and Australia
Winner: England (who beat Australia by 92 runs)
Notable Events:  Jack Hayward acted as the tournament sponsor, paying £40,000 to get all the teams to England.The tournament was opened by Roger Bannister.England’s Enid Bakewell hit a century in the final.1500 people attended the final at Edgbaston.
2. INDIA 1978
Format: A round robin (as there were only 4 teams, this meant a total of 6 matches - quite a short tournament!)
Teams: England, Australia, New Zealand and India
“Finalists”: England and Australia