The Bloggers' Predictions - How did we do?

What a competition? Just brilliant. Top quality cricket from top quality players. And of course a fabulous finale.

But what of the Bloggers' Predictions? Just for a bit of fun we thought we ought to have a quick look at the facts now the tournament is over. If a blogger had a near miss we have added a 🙂. For a bullseye we've added a 😊.

Thanks to everyone who read the WWC17 Blog. We've enjoyed being at all the games and trying to help people enjoy the tournament.


Who do you think will be the top run scorer?
🙂 Martin Davies : There are a few candidates, but the most consistent ODI performer over the last couple of years is Ellyse Perry, so she gets my vote.
Don Miles : For me it has to be Meg Lanning. If you are the world's best it should be you if you keep your nerve.
🙂 Snehal Pradhan : I'm going for Ellyse Perry too.
Raf Nicholson : I'm going to say Suzie Bates. She managed it last time and, if anything, she is a better player now than she was in 2013.
Syd Egan : It's got to be Meg Lanning, and I think she will have the highest individual score too.

The Facts : The Top 6
1. Tammy Beaumont 410

2. Mithali Raj 409
3. Ellyse Perry 404

4. Sarah Taylor 396
5. Punam Raut 381
6. Nat Sciver 369

10. Meg Lanning 328
14. Suzie Bates 242

Who do you think will be the top wicket taker?
🙂 SE : Recent history of women's ODIs suggests a spinner - I'll go for Sune Luus - especially if the summer starts to get dry and dusty.
🙂 DM : If there is any swing at all, then it has to be Anya Shrubsole. She can take any line-up apart.
🙂 MD : I have to agree with Don, Anya Shrubsole.
SP : I think South African Shabnim Ismail could be a real threat in English conditions, but South Africa might not make the last two games, which could restrict her tally.
RN : I agree with that Snehal, Shabnim Ismail. She will be one of the first names on the South African team sheet and should like English conditions.

The Facts : The Top 6
1. Dane van Niekerk 15
2. Marizanne Kapp 13
3. Kristen Beams 12
3. Anya Shrubsole 12

3. Deepti Sharma 12
6. Poonam Yadav 11

7. Sune Luus 10
7. Shabnim Ismail 10

Who will hit the most boundaries?
RN Ellyse Perry, and she will do it with consumate ease.
🙂 SE Meg Lanning....because she is Meg Lanning.
MD : My choice would be West Indian Stafanie Taylor, just because she hates running between the wickets.
DM : I'm going to plump for Suzie Bates, but Ellyse Perry is in cracking form and could give her a run for her money.
SP :  I think you are right Don, Ellyse Perry is in cracking form. She is my choice.

The Facts : The Top 6
1. Tammy Beaumont 54 x 4 /3 x 6  = 57
2. Sarah Taylor 54/0 = 54
3. Chamari Attapatu 40/6 = 46

3. Lizelle Lee 34/12 - 46
5. Nicole Bolton 45/0 = 45
6. Harmanpreet Kaur 33/11 = 44
7. Meg Lanning 38/3 = 41
11. Ellyse Perry 34/3 = 37
Suzie Bates 29/1 = 30
Stafanie Taylor 18/2 = 20

Who will win the most Player of the Match awards?
😊MD : As an all-rounder Ellyse Perry effectively gets two shots at it every match, and if the Aussies get to the final she will have nine chances.
😊 DM : I agree Ellyse Perry. In great form and two chances with both bat and ball.
😊 SP : Make that three votes for Ellyse Perry.
SE : This is difficult. The winning number is not likely to be more than three. I'll go for Meg Lanning, but I think Suzie Bates will be the Player of the Tournament.
RN : For me it's Stafanie Taylor. When you are the strongest player in your team it is more likely than not that you will be in contention every match.

The Facts
Four players won two awards each
1. Smriti Mandhana
1. Nat Sciver

1. Ellyse Perry
1. Sarah Taylor

What will be the highest and lowest team scores, and by whom?
MD : I think this could be the highest scoring World Cup yet, with the girls playing on some great batting tracks, certainly early on. I reckon West Indies have it within them to score big against the minnows - ðŸ™‚ 371.
As for the lowest score then possibly Sri Lanka and around 90. They have the capacity to totally lose the plot sometimes.
SE : 🙂 380 by Australia, and I agree with Sri Lanka, who will implode at some point. I reckon 69, which is nowhere near the lowest ever, which is 22 by the Netherlands.
SP 280+ for Australiaand yes Sri Lanka with 90.
DM : It is Australia  and Sri Lanka for me too, but I think about 330 and 55 (wow that's harsh Don!)
RN : I'm going for Sri Lanka too, but only 🙂 50 (Don you are off the hook!). And Australia who will score 350 against Pakistan

The Facts
The highest score was England's 377 v Pakistan
The lowest score was West Indies' 48 v South Africa

Which player will have the best strike rate? (must face over 60 balls)
SE : This is not typically a front-line batsmen, but someone who comes in towards the end and smashes it about - my pick is Katherine Brunt.
DM : I'm going for Suzie Bates - one of the hardest hitters in the game and usually cool in her execution.
😊 SP : I think Syd has the right idea, but I'm going for Alyssa Healy, who will do the same sort of job for Australia.
🙂 RN Sophie Devine - and you would feel the same if you had seen her tonking the Berkshire players round the park recently!
🙂 MD : I can see Brunt and Healy being right up there, and Elyse Villani, but I'm going to stick my neck out and say Dani Wyatt. I think that is the role that Mark Robinson will give her, plus she is quick between the wickets, so no dot balls

The Facts The Top 6
1. Alyssa Healy 148.48
2. Sophie Devine 117.75
3. Elyse Villani 112.79

4. Veda Krishnamurthy 112.50
4. Danni Wyatt 112.50

6. Alex Blackwell 109.72

Finally, the Big One! (well Big Three) 
Who will make the semis; who will make the final; and who is going to win?
SP : England, New Zealand, Australia and India to make the semis, with Australia and whoever draws India making the final, which Australia will win.
RN : England, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa top four and then Australia and New Zealand to battle out the final, with New Zealand winning.
DM : I agree with Raf on the top four and the semi-finalists, but I think Australia will win. They are a ruthless team.
SE : Yep I agree with the top four, with South Africa just getting fourth spot. I think England will lose to the Aussies in the semis and New Zealand will beat South Africa. For me it has to be New Zealand to win. This is their Golden Generation with Bates, Devine, Satterthwaite, Tahuhu and Priest. They are the more rounded team.
😊 MD : Yep top four as with Raf, Don and Syd, but I think it will be an England v Australia final and that England will come out on top. Robinson has created "a team", who all pull for each other and believe in themselves. Self-confidence will win WWC17!

The Facts
The four teams that made the semis were England, Australia, South Africa and India, with England beating India in the final. 


  1. Bloggers predictions aside thanks for your essential updates during the WWC campaign, wouldn't be the same without them.

    We can all bask in the glow of an England victory that has brought the game to an even wider audience. With the WSL II and the Ashes - we can look forward to a boost in participation next season and beyond.


  2. The bloggers tended to massively underestimate England (apart from Martin!) and overestimate Australia and New Zealand a bit. I did mention that NZ were overrated in your analysis, they never had a better chance than England. In the end it turned out to bit a bit like the Champions Trophy with the sub-continental sides doing a bit better than expected. No doubt a hot start to the summer meant a lot of dry, slow wickets which suited these sides' spinners slightly better.

    Perry and Lanning who featured heavily in your predictions did perform well as expected, however I thought both looked a bit subdued at times. They were nursing injuries more or less apparent, and burdened by the responsibility of having to accelerate the Aussie innings when some other players were struggling to drive the run rate. In the end Australia disappointingly failed to notch 300 once, even against the likes of Pakistan given the chance to bat first. I thought they lacked dynamism and should have changed up the batting order a bit more. Healy and Blackwell didn't spend enough time in the middle, yet when they did they looked like 2 of the Aussies best players. As I've heard other observers say, it looked like a team picked by committee who weren't necessarily the best picks for a prolonged campaign.

    Thanks so much for all your contributions to giving us the extra insight into this wonderful World Cup!


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